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John Prentice

Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist

BComm (Finance)

Hons (BComm)

MComm (Corporate Governance)

BA (Psychology and Sociology)

Hons (BA) (Clinical Psychology and Counselling Psychology)

MA (Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology)


I am currently providing therapy and assessments from my consulting room in Cavendish Square (off Harley Street) in London and over Skype.


I have more than twenty years of experience as:


  • a clinical psychologist in the NHS and private practice,

  • a life coach in private practice,

  • a medico-legal expert witness providing neurocognitive assessments for the Courts, and

  • training clinical and counselling psychology postgraduates.


I have worked with a wide range of presentations, from people with complex enduring mental health problems, to those experiencing intense transient crises, to those who simply want more out of life.


I am trained in a wide range of therapeutic approaches, including behavioural therapy, psychodynamic therapies, CBT, humanistic therapies, narrative therapy, personal coaching, and systemic couples and family therapy. I am also a trained neuropsychologist with specialist expertise in medico-legal neurocognitive assessments and assessments for cognitive impairment and the dementias, and neurodiverse conditions.


My clients and colleagues describe me as a highly competent, skilled, experienced, thoughtful clinician, with excellent attention to detail.


I am accredited with the Health and Care Professions Council. I am an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and registered with the Society’s Divisions of Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, and the Special Interest Group in Coaching Psychology. I have also completed the British Psychological Society’s Expert Evidence training.


I am a registered recognised provider with Aviva, AXA, BUPA, BUPA International, Cigna, Cigna Global, Vitality, and WPA.

Areas of Expertise

Integrative psychotherapy and life coaching, neuropsychological assessments, structured personality assessments, and medico-legal expert witness for the Courts.

I work with people over the age of sixteen, covering a wide range of presentations from people with complex enduring mental health problems, to those experiencing intense transient crises, to those who simply want more out of life ... read more

My life coaching work includes improving relationships with work colleagues, considering career progression and career changes, improving work-life balance, family dynamics and relationships, and interpersonal social relationships ... read more

My neuropsychological assessments include diagnostic assessments of neurocognitive functioning to identify neurological deficits and to serve as a guide for rehabilitation and strategies to improve functioning ... read more

The structured personality assessments help to identify personality styles and personality types, and to diagnose personality disorders and to guide treatment to address to the debilitating symptoms of personality difficulties that lead to counter-productive, self-defeating ways of interacting with others.

The medico-legal expert witness work entails neurocognitive and psychometric assessments to describe and explain underlying mental health problems and neurocognitive deficts ... read more


My Approach

I am motivated by the idea that life is a journey of opportunities and discovery. I am by nature optimistic, enthusiastic, and excited about life - mine and others. I have a deep sense of curiosity about what we do and why. When things aren’t going right, I believe there has to be a better way of doing things.


I view therapy as an art and a science. The science draws on research and evidence for treatment effectiveness. The art enables us to creatively work together to co-author a new, happier narrative about your life and how you define yourself. This may be about resolving intense difficulties, solving everyday problems, or working towards maximising your potential.


Psychological therapy is an opportunity to reflect on your life – your unique history as well as your present circumstances and aspirations for your future. My therapeutic approach explores the meanings and narratives that you hold about your life and how you define yourself. It then facilitates a re-thinking about these and an exploration of happier alternatives.


My approach is integrative and systemic. I like to get a good, shared understanding of you so that together we can draw up an insightful formulation that describes and explains your difficulties. The enables me to integrate different psychological models and approaches to best suit your needs so that we can creatively work together using the most appropriate approach to bring about the desired change.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me with your questions or requests. Your request will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence, and none of your details will be shared with anyone else or used for any marketing purposes whatsoever. 

Please appreciate that if you phone me it may take a while before I can respond, as I am doing therapy for the majority of business hours. If possible, rather use this contact form to get in touch with me

Thank you. Dr Prentice will be in contact shortly

17 Cavendish Square

C/O Cavendish Square & Harley Street



Tel: +44 (0)78 1410 8361

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